Italy to Ireland

Welcome to IT-IR direct transportation service! We provide direct parcel service from Italy to Ireland and back.

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We are a company driven by passion. We strive to provide each customer with top-service, always. Thank you for choosing IT-IR Transport Limited for your business!

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On time, every time

Because we use a direct service, no hubs, you get your parcel very fast. No hubs, no delays, just direct service. And, always on time!

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Your parcel will be handled carefully, always. Because we do not use any hubs, the goods will be handled at a minimum, thus ensuring no damage will occur to it

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Any items

We do not impose any limitations for the items you ship, as opposed to the traditional carries. because we care! because we provide direct service!

Open, friendly service

We consider our customers, our friends. We like to personally know every one and develop a friendship relation with them. Be yourself part of our network of happy customers! get in touch with us, today!

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