About Us

We’re a family company, striving to provide you the very best customer care experience!

Meet It-IR Transport Limited

Your perfect choice of IT/IR carrier 

We provide round trip transport service company. We’ve been working in this sector for almost 4 years now, but towards other countries. Since there have been requests for Italy, we’ve decided to try and finally we’re here and we can officially announce the date of departure…

We offer you the option to ship / receive your packages of all kinds!

Our service also offers the possibility of: Food order shopping and not only (our van has a refrigerator) so fresh stuff too.

Moving in.

Initially we’ll make 1 trip every 10 days, then it depends on requests and customers.

We’d be very happy to be able to meet the needs of each of you in the most expressly possible times and at an affordable price!

For more information, price details, city pick up / delivery contact us now!

We look foreword to seeing many of you!